Amnesia Haze Strain

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Amnesia Haze Strain

Offering one of the best combinations of classic sativa genetics, Amnesia Haze has high 25% THC buds.


    • Produces large buds
    • 25% THC, 90% pure sativa
    • Resistant to mold and diseaseBuy amnesia haze sativa weed strains online Texas, Buy THC weed Arlington, Buy CBD weed online Corpus Christi, medical marijuana dispensary near me Plano.



  • Up to 11 weeks of flowering time

This cannabis sativa strain is known for having the strongest THC content, consisting of 90% of pure sativa genetics. It has won countless Cannabis Cup awards and has great relaxing properties with a hard-hitting buzz that sneaks up on you. If you’re an indoor grower, you can easily harvest up to 600 grams of Amnesia Haze per square meter.

Growing long limbs with THC-laden nuggets, this pure sativa dominant plant has a low leaf to bud ratio. Produced out of pure sativa genetics from plants in Jamaica, Hawaii, and southeast Asia, this plant produces robust plants that grow into goliaths. They exude oily resin and the plant is exceptionally mold- and disease- resistant. It can take longer for this plant to flower, but it’s potent buds are well worth the wait.

In-Depth Information to the Effects of Cannabis

The effects of marijuana are determined by the cannabinoids. When buying seeds your breeder should be able to give you information about the levels of cannabinoids. Don’t get too caught up in the numbers though. Because every plant is different and the way you grow, harvest and dry your buds will lead to different results.

The most famous cannabinoid is THC which is short for Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is the main cannabinoid and causes the “typical” mental effects like feeling uplifted and euphoric.

Cannabidiol (short: CBD) does not have psychoactive effects and is often used for medical treatments. Cannabinol (short: CBN) does cause mental effects but is more easy than THC.

Rule of thumb for medical use:
  • Against anxiety or seizures, choose low THC and high CBD. Make sure that THC stays low as a high level might actually cause anxiety! Examples: Stardawg, White Fire Alien OG, Juliet or 303 OG.
  • Against pain, choose a strain with a mix of pain-relieving cannabinoids. Some people prefer patches or pills with CBD only. Examples: Northern Lights, Chemdawg, Godberry or White Widow.
  • Against nausea or lack of appetite, choose marijuana strains with high THC.
Rule of thumb for recreational use:
  • For more psychedelic effects or higher energy use high THC, low CBD. Sativa strains might be great for this. They will make conversations easier. However: Super high THC levels might cause anxiety for some people. Examples: Casey Jones, Golden Goat, Lemon Skunk, Sour Diesel.
  • For an easy effect choose medium THC, medium CBD. Hybrid and Autoflowering strains tend to be good for this. Examples: Blue DreamGirl Scout CookiesSunset SherbetOG Kush.
  • For sleeping or sedative effects choose high THC and medium CBD (which you can create by harvesting later or letting the strain dry up in the sun). Indica strains might be good for this. Examples: Bubba Kush, White Rhino, Granddaddy Purple, BC God Bud.

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5 reviews for Amnesia Haze Strain

  1. Carlos M

    I am evaluating the Amnesia Haze from GreenHouse Centrum in Amsterdam. Initial visualization: foxtailed Sativa buds extremely light green and coated in yellowish crystals. Smell: Citrusy, slightly creamy, Hazey, nutty. Definitely a strain that attracts Connoisseurs, Sommeliers and those with a more experienced palate for or affinity for complex Cannabis flower terpene profiles. Taste: heavenly. You know you are smoking some potent bud aside from the fact that this bud is so sticky and keefy, it jams up standard grinders, or it did when I was in Amsterdam this past December. That lingering, ‘THC’ potency feeling you feel some seconds after exhaling when smoking some concentrated flowers? That’s what you feel with each hit of this. Effects: there is a big notion in Amsterdam of avoiding Indicas in the morning and sticking to Sativas. Well, I can tell you right now: you smoke this in the morning, you may be stuck. It is STRONG (aside from, ‘Pure Kush’, this is the strongest strain I smoked of GreenHouse Coffeeshops while there). Definitely a strain to share/show to colleagues, friends and other fellow Connoisseurs and Sommeliers. Overall: my mouth still waters for this flower bud every time I think of it. I give this strain the highest recommendation possible. Yeah, there’s a reason it is as popular as it is and has been for as long as it has been in the Dutch Coffeeshop scene. Would I buy it again? By the kilogram. Recommend to Connoisseurs and Sommeliers? Absolutely. Highly recommended. Recommend to first-timers and inexperienced consumers? Yes. Definitely a good experience to open your eyes to the world of Cannabis

  2. Kirsten J.

    I am pretty damn baked right now. Just had one bowl of this stuff using my bubbler pipe and wow. I’m feeling really euphoric sensations and I’ve just eaten a half of a birthday cake that wasn’t mine. My first time trying Amnesia Haze and I have to say, when I saw how pricey my dealer was selling it, I assumed it would be one of those knock you out on the sofa heavy highs, but this is a different kind of high altogether that I’m feeling right now. There’s nothing low about it.

  3. karl

    Best strain I have ever had. Lemon haze might have it tied. But Amnesia Haze is my #1 favorite strain! It gives you total euphoria, optimism, happy vibes, social relaxation and talkative vibes… Plus you sleep like a rock. Great for if you ever have trouble sleeping. Overall, I think it has all positives… I had no negative effects at all from it. All positive 😀 Enjoi this strain & may peace be with you.

  4. Felix M

    Very good strain. The cerebral high of this lasts for a good 3/4 hours and made me feel really energetic and creative. I got a really nice flowery taste from this and it left a citrus sort of smell in my house which wasn’t too pungent. Great strain over all, would definitely recommend to any user suffering from any mental health disorder such as myself

  5. Vandeusen

    A great strain. the smell is a composition of lemons,easy smoke without any coughing. Intensive, yet mellow cerebral high, makes u smile like an happy idiot for at least two hours. Definitely a social smoke, but not as up-lifting as other haze strains, so you wont regret smoking before bedtime.

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